Add a Little Fungi to Your Fits

Everywhere you look you can find mushrooms all over pop culture. From video games to fashion they are everywhere (as they should be!) As fellow fungi lovers, we wanted to find a unique way to continue spreading mushrooms' culture and beauty in a fashionable and artistic way. With over 14,000 different varieties of mushrooms, there’s a lot to be shared!

In 2022, Fungi Culture Co. launched our apparel line. We started with short sleeve t shirts and have since branched out into crop tops, hoodies, crewnecks, and even socks! We feature hand-drawn mushrooms on nearly all of our merchandise. As time passes, we’ve been slowly dropping various mushroom tee shirts, our most recent being our Fly Agaric designs. Each shirt, for all of our mushrooms, has a definition written out describing the mushroom’s use cases, health benefits (or detriments!), and other brief facts to help spread true information about mushrooms and start the revolution for understanding.

Why did we make the shirts?

There are many common misconceptions that people will generalize about mushrooms. Some will jump to a direct extreme of someone jumping out a window because of a psilocybin high!

Our biggest goal is working to empower the mushroom community to spread awareness and eradicate false beliefs. We wanted to create a product that directly benefitted the buyer and our even larger goal of changing mindsets. Educating people on the topic of fungi is at the core of everything we do and when wearing one of our tees we know someone is learning something just by reading and our mycophiles are loving the feel of wearing them.

We also felt it was time to launch the apparel line because of the recent spikes in news about mushrooms! As of 2022, Oregon and Colorado are the only two places in the US to have legalized psilocybin for medical use (the psychoactive chemical in magic mushrooms). According to the Department of Justice, magic mushrooms are categorized as a ‘Schedule 1’ substance next to the likes of heroin. There very clearly needs to be change within the mindsets of Americans to assist in changing policy. Mushrooms are so much more than having a trip and seeing some hallucinations. They are healing, among so many varieties, and have helped so many people through some of the most challenging battles life can conjure.

So as you see, it really is bigger than just some shirts. The designs are great and anyone can rock one of our designs but it’s really all about our community and spreading the culture and all the amazing things mushrooms have to offer. Are you in? Browse here.