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Welcome to the great, wide and wonderful world of fungiculture! There has been a growing interest in fungi-cultivation in recent years due to mushrooms ability to yield a variety of resources such as food, construction materials, medicine, paper, clothing, and many other useful products.  Not only can mushrooms provide us with sustainable resources, they are highly adaptable to their environment and work with whatever materials are at their disposal, allowing them to grow and thrive on a variety of different growing mediums.   

Although highly adaptable, each strain of fungi has its preferences just like we humans do and mushrooms will thrive most when their preferred nutrients are available and the environment is ideal.  The vast majority of mushrooms seem to grow best on rice, rye, millet, wheat, hardwood (logs, sawdust, pellets, wood chips), straw, or manure.

Here at FungiCulture Co. we strive to provide our customers with high quality fungi-preferred substrates and liquid cultures using only premium, professional grade ingredients – fully sterilized and hydrated to perfection. To ensure our substrates arrive up to our standards, every order is made fresh by hand and shipped within 24-hours of completion.

For those just getting started, fungi-cultivation can seem like a complex and perhaps confusing process but with persistence and a genuine interest, anyone can learn to produce their own mushrooms at home with simple proven methods using common everyday products.  Before you begin it is important to set your goals and have a clear vision of where you are headed.  Whether you want to sell your home grown mushrooms at farmers markets, or produce dietary and medicinal supplements, or you have a myco-remediation project you want to try, or your just looking for a fun and fascinating hobby; whatever your aim, FungiCulture Co. is here to help you on your journey and lead you to success!

We wish you the absolute best of luck on your journey! Happy growing!


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