FungiCulture Company

FungiCulture Co. is who we are and Spread the Culture is what we do.  

What does that mean exactly?   Well, in a nutshell, we just loveeee fungi!  And we simply want to express and spread our mushy-love in any way, shape, or form that we can.  One of the ways we do that is through our website and online shop, FungiCulture Company.

Since our inception we’ve strived to provide our customers with a premium product and maintain our highest standards.  In doing so, we ensure our own success, growth, and of course happy clientele - it’s a no brainer!  There are 2 primary ways that we maintain this high standard:  1) We hand-prepare all mushroom substrates and liquid cultures, which are made to order and guarantee shipment within 24-hours of completion.  This ensures that our customers are receiving the absolutely freshest product possible.  2) We take pride in providing top notch customer service with lightning fast e-mail responses and our willingness to always do whatever it takes, going above and beyond for our customers, so we can go to bed happy, knowing YOU had a positive experience at FungiCulture Co.

Our company started out with a single product; our original Wild Bird Seed Mushroom Substrate, offered in half-pint mason jars.  Since then we’ve slowly (but surely) began to produce and offer more, and more fungi-culture related products and before long we had a full-blown online shop that is still growing by the day.   

Our current product line includes:

Premium Mushroom Substrate

Mushroom substrates are all offered in jar or bag form and in small or large quantity;  Substrate options include rye, wheat, millet, wild bird seed, sawdust, or brown rice flour.  All of which are are hand-prepared, sterilized and hydrated to perfection.

Liquid Cultures

Liquid Cultures are offered in half-pint, pint, and quart sizes.  Customers can choose either a marble or magnetic stir bar for their mixer and either a Ball Leak-Proof Lid or a Silicone-Seal Lid for any size LC. 


Chambers include MonoTubs, Still Air Boxes (SAB), and ShotGun Fruiting Chambers (SGFC).  Our MonoTubs come in 2 styles;  The first comes with a black plastic liner and standard 2-latch-lid (available in 19-quart or 32-quart).  The second option comes with a heavy plastic grow tray instead of a liner and has a 4-latch gasket-lid (available in 32-quart and 54-quart).  Lastly, our Still Air Box uses the gasket-lid and can be used upside down or right side up (offered in 32-quart and 54-quart).  All chambers are clear/colorless and carefully packaged before being shipped out.  

Premium Full Grow Kits

We currently offer 2 full grow kits;

The first includes our 32 qt. MonoTub w/ gasket-lid, 2-Quarts of sterilized substrate and 2.5 lbs. of CVG Fruiting Substrate (Coir, Vermiculite, Gypsum).

The second kit alternatively includes our 54 qt. MonoTub w/ gasket lid, 4-Quarts of sterilized substrate and 5 lbs. of CVG Fruiting Substrate.

All grow kits include a grow tray, 15-ft. corded 6500K LED light, automatic timer, spray bottle, thermometer strip, digital hygrometer, nitrile gloves, alcohol wipes, and a free instructional guide (found on our website).  Customers also have the option to include a heat mat and thermostat with their grow kit.  Additionally, customers may choose their preferred grain substrate;  rye, wheat, wild bird seed, or millet.  

Extra Supplies

We know sometimes it’s just easier and costs less money to do things yourself.   That said, we also carry a few extra supplies for our customers:  breathable synthetic filter discs, self-healing injection ports, lids, micropore tape, perlite, and other various fungiculture supplies.


The newest addition to FungiCulture Co. is our apparel collection.  Although in its early stages, we now offer a vibrant and fast-growing T-Shirt line that is starting to create noise in the fungi-world.  Each shirt pictures an eye-catching, hand-drawn image of a specific mushroom or fungi along with its common name, scientific name, and a few interesting and/or notable facts about the specified fungi. 

With our growing T-Shirt line now in place we have continued to expand the apparel line to hoodies, crop tops, long sleeve shirts, hats, hoodies, socks, bags, with much, mush more to come!   ;-)

In addition to providing exceptional customer service and premium products, we started this blog as a way for us to share our knowledge, experiences, pictures, stories and everything-fungi.   We hope you enjoy all that we offer and share here at FungiCulture Co.