• Growing Chestnut Mushrooms at Home

    Growing Chestnut Mushrooms at Home
    Mushrooms have gained so much popularity recently and it's not hard to understand why. Besides their incredible health benefits, they are also used in many different recipes. Among these gourmet, species is the chestnut mushroom (Pholiota adiposa), which has been enjoyed for centuries in Japan but remains relatively unknown in the Western world. Due to their attractive color, full flavor, and delightful texture, these...
  • The Psychedelic Experience

    The Psychedelic Experience
    There is no good starting point when it comes to talking about the psychedelic experience.  For me, personally, I learned about the effects of psilocybin first hand and over the course of many years, with no guide, instruction, or preparation.  There’s so much I can say, and at the same time there is nothing I can say.  Psychedelics changed me though, absolutely, totally.  They've...
  • Monotub Fruiting Chambers

    Monotub Fruiting Chambers
      Today I’d like to talk about monotub fruiting chambers; the pros and cons, types of mushrooms that can grow in them, and what is entailed in constructing one on your own.   What IS a Monotub fruiting chamber? A fruiting chamber is essentially an enclosed space that is used to create the conditions required for mushrooms to thrive, in essence- mimicking their natural environment.  Fruiting chambers allow mushroom cultivators...
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